Frequently Asked Questions

    • Sell Artwork:  Sell Artwork through Miami Museum or through our gallery network
    • Show Artwork:  Plan your next successful art venue or art expo
    • Auction Artwork:  We have alliances with top auction houses for art auctions
    • Donate Artwork:  Our network of charities would be happy to trade art for exposure
    • Buy Artwork:  We sell artwork around the world to a variety of clients
  • Read this documentation on how to customize

  • To disable comments on all posts/page: go to Themify > Settings > Default Layouts, tick the 'Disable comments in all Posts' and 'Disable comments in all Pages'.

    To disable comments on single post/page: when adding or editing a post/page, there should be a panel called 'Discussion'. If the Discussion panel is not visible, scroll to the top of the page and click 'Screen Options', tick the 'Discussion' checkbox, now the Discusion panel should be visible below the content box, uncheck 'Allow comments' to disable comments on that post. Detail steps on how to disable comments.

  • Refer to Translating Themes.